WATERS Quattro Premier

Analytical capabilities: Electrospray ionization / Liquid Chromatography coupling / Collision-induced Dissociation experiments (LC-MSMS) / quantification

Typical references:

1° “The roles of spinochromes in four shallow water tropical sea urchins and their potential as bioactive pharmacological agents”, Lola Brasseur, Elise Hennebert, L Fievez, Guillaume Caulier, F  Bureau, Lionel  Tafforeau, Patrick Flammang, Pascal  Gerbaux, Igor Eeckhaut, Marine Drugs, 15 (2017) #179.

2° “Molecular Diversity and Body Distribution of Saponins in the Sea Star Asterias rubens by Mass Spectrometry.” Marie Demeyer, Julien De Winter, Guillaume Caulier, Igor Eeckhaut, Patrick Flammang, Pascal Gerbaux, Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology, Part.B : Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 168 (2014) 1-11.

3° ““Tackling saponin diversity in marine animals by mass spectrometry: data acquisition and integration”, Decroo, C.,  Colson, E.,  Demeyer, M.,  Lemaur, V.,  Caulier, G.,  Eeckhaut, I.,  Cornil, J.,  Flammang, P.,  Gerbaux, P., Anal.Bioanal.Chem., 409, (2017), 3115-3126.