Organic Synthesis

We have a wide range of equipment for organic synthesis.

HP Agilent 1100 HPLC
OptiMelt Melting Point Apparatus MPA100
Biotage® Initiator Classic Microwave Synthesizer
Biotage® SP Flash Purification
Sartorius™ Benchtop pH Meters PB-11
Shimadzu UVmini-1240 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Raman spectroscopy AvaLight-D(H)-S Deuterium-Halogen Light Sources/AvaSpec-ULS2048 StarLine Versatile Fiber-optic Spectrometer
Bruker FTIR spectrometer ALPHA
Vacuum Concentrator Jouan RC10.22 series with a Jouan RCT 90 cold trap
BUCHI™ Rotavapor™ RII Evaporation Systems
BUCHI™ Rotavapor™ R-114 w/ BUCHI™ Waterbath B-480
Binder multifunction drying oven FED series
Eppendorf® Refrigerated Microcentrifuge, Model 5417R
Sigma 2-16P centrifuge
Gilson Peristaltic Pump – MINIPULS® Evolution